Third Street Apples
935 3rd Street
Penrose, CO 81240
(719) 372-6283

Orchard and store hours are
9:30 to 5:00
Thursday - Monday
Tuesday and Wednesday
August 25 - October 31

Orchard Rules

For a safe and enjoyable visit please observe these simple "rules"


Please try to park off the pavement - you can park in the driveways and along the front of the orchard next to first tree row


We don't allow ladders


Pets are OK on a leash, please ask first


No apple throwing or horseplay


No tree climbing, we will pick those high-up apples to sell in the store


Pick only from trees with green ribbons.   


Tasting is OK, but please share among your group

(If each member of each group of five or six people  picked one of every kind of apple to taste, we'd be out of business!) 


Please stay out of the pumpkin patch until September 10