Third Street Apples
935 3rd Street
Penrose, CO 81240
(719) 372-6283

Orchard and store hours are
9:30 to 5:00
Thursday -Sunday
Monday a- Wednesday
August 26- October

U-pick Apples 2022 will be $2.99/lb.

 Price includes admission to the orchard and the one-of-a-kind experience of picking your own apples from the trees.

Apples in the store $ varies

Pumpkins 89 cents a pound any size

 When you pick you own you can have a one-of-a-kind experience with your family or friends.  You have your choice of the best apples in the orchard, you can mix or match, you can taste a few apples in our store, and we expect a few will get knocked off accidentally, all for prices just a little more than the grocery store.  Fun, educational, a great family experience and less expensive than a movie with popcorn!

Honey from our friends bees, jams, jellies, syrup, soap (made by our neighbors), and other items as marked

We accept all credit cards, cash and checks

Our business is providing families with the unique experience of picking their own fruit, right from the tree!  Its fun, educational, and an opportunity to interact with your food supply in a very personal way.  You will know it's fresh and you will know it's locally grown!  And even though we are really selling experiences, opportunities to reminisce about the good old days, and great photo ops with the kids, we only charge for the fruit you take home.  We offer over 30 apple varieties many of which you can't find in a grocery store, and we grow 1/2 acre of pumpkins  for your picking fun.

Trees have NAME TAGS that show the variety.

Trees with RED RIBBONS (see photo) are NOT RIPE. Please do not touch or taste or pick apples from these trees, but plan another trip when they are ripe.
Trees with GREEN RIBBONS are RIPE and are ok to pick.

How to pick an apple


Apples grow on a woody "spur" attached to a branch or the trunk of the tree.  The spur produces apples for up to 20 years.....IF you are careful not to break it off.  New spurs may take up to five years to develop.  Grasp the apple firmly with you whole hand (if you use just fingers you may bruise the apple).  Turn (roll) the apple toward the tip of the branch it is on with a quick flip of the wrist.  It should pop right off with its stem but no wood or leaves.  If there are apples on the stem near it, you should grasp the stem with your free hand to avoid shaking the whole tree or branch and knocking off apples.  If there are two apples attached opposite each other on the same spur, then you MUST use two hands; one to hold the second apple and one to pick the  apple you want.  Often both apples will come off at the same time, but since you are holding both, no harm done.  If you drop an apple, please pick it up and check it over.  With the thick grass under the trees they are often undamaged or only slightly blemished and still usable.  We don't expect you to keep obviously wormy or bird-pecked apples. Please help your children pick their apples, to avoid waste - remember an apple can only be picked once at a "pick your own" orchard and we want to stay in business to be here for you next time you visit. 




Pumpkin Picking Starts in September
Please Don't Pick Up Pumpkins By Stem,
Lift with Both Hands Underneath